Should You Take a Multi Vitamin Every Day?

Should You Take a Multi Vitamin Every Day

Both kids and seniors are bombarded regularly with expectation that they should be taking a multi-vitamin.

And health-conscious middle-aged folks have been proactively doing the same in the assumption that a little bit can always fill in the missing gaps during a typical day on the run.

In reality, however, there are growing questions regarding the efficacy of multi-vitamin supplements versus just getting the same dietary benefits directly from food.

Natural Versus Processed

The first big difference that affects the benefit of a supplement is the very nature of its production. A multi-vitamin involves a processed consolidation of vitamin supplement material, presumably from some kind of food extract.

Alternatively, the body can get the same level of vitamin delivery daily by adjusting regular food intake. And the body is more likely to absorb needed vitamins from natural food than it will from a processed concentrate pill.

There is No Extra Vitamin Storage in the Body

Despite popular myth, the body doesn’t keep reserves of vitamin intake. So, if the body is already satisfied with its daily intake of vitamin material, it will simply remove and excrete the excess vitamin material through the digestive system. In essence, the multi-vitamin becomes a big waste.

Higher Demand Lifestyles Could Gain Some Benefit

Athletes consume a tremendous amount of intake and calories to be able to physically perform when needed, so a multi-vitamin supplement could actually be helpful combined with a higher intake of regular food providing energy and protein.

Those in stress-filled lifestyles will deplete their systems faster during work (firefighters, police, military, medical etc.). Again, the multi-vitamin can be a big gap filler when eating quickly isn’t always balanced properly. However, folks should never presume a supplement works as a replacement for a proper meal.

Not Every Supplement is Genuine

Because the vitamin supplement market is generally unregulated, unlike medicine, there are a number of companies offering what might seem like a very healthy digestion approach but it turns out to be garbage and processed filler.

It’s to a consumer’s benefit to buy supplements from known stores that only care genuine products versus going through specialty fitness stores for supplement purchasing. TV products are often fly-by-night operations, hoping to make it big with early demand and then disappear.

Watch Out for Allergies

Vitamin Supplements are often fabricated based on processed organic material. That means that some supplements can be fabricated from the very food material a person could be allergic to.

Sea life being converted into the source for a vitamin supplement could also expose a person to shellfish allergy reaction if not identified ahead of time.

Overall, Regular Vegetables and Fruit Are a Better Choice

Natural plant-based food product will tend to provide a better effect for the body, both short-term and long-term. However, what many folks also don’t realize until later, plant vegetables or fruit consumption are far cheaper than supplements each month, and they pack the body with a far greater amount of natural vitamin material.

Given the above, it makes sense for athletes and high-stress environments to use vitamin supplements in addition to eating well. The demands of their lifestyle justify the regular usage.

That said, the average person doesn’t really have a strong argument to follow up on, and many folks may simply be falling for darn good marketing instead.


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