Keep More Money in Your Pocket While Grocery Shopping on a Budget


If you’re on a tight budget month to month, you simply want to hold onto more of what you earn and pay less, then there are number of tips anyone can put into motion to save money. In fact, with a bit of diligence and discipline, most of these tips can be applied simultaneously for adding more savings.

Get Digital Refund Apps

A number of phone apps provide discounts and rebates on various grocery goods just for exchanging information of what you typically buy.

They then trade this information to grocery stores to help them with marketing, who in turn agree to pay savings on the goods emphasized and bought based on the phone app suggestion.

Some only provide a few cents of savings at a time, which adds up over weeks, but others provide bigger savings faster. Ibotta and Checkout51 are a direct coupon app that pays cash for buying suggested grocery goods.

Once you reach $20, the funds can be transferred to a Paypal account for withdrawal. Coinout provides a refund for receipts, but it’s pennies at a time. Still, however, it adds to the total savings scored.

FetchRewards and Receipt Hog give points for receipts, but these can add up to $10 minimum cash or gift card rewards quickly.

Shopping with Online Coupons

Swagbucks has long been a marketing point provider for folks who participate in surveys or buy online through the website. They also provide printable grocery coupons. You get points for printing the coupons as well as using them in the store.

The savings double by giving you a direct price discount on the goods bought as well as points that can be converted to gift cards over time.

One could also just get the coupons alone from and avoid Swagbucks’ marketing, but it doesn’t maximize the total savings possible. Typical savings can range from $10 to $20 per grocery trip.

Loyalty Programs in Grocery Stores

Many grocery stores have their own loyalty programs which members can get price discounts on select products. These direct benefits can save you money up front and each purchase may add points towards future purchases.

Many folks can save $20 to $30 off list price with loyalty program discounts at Vons, Safeway, Raleys, Target and similar. Fuel discounts can be part of the same grocery program as well.

Time Your Shopping

Many grocery stores have seasonal and weekly savings. Because they know many people get paid at the end of the month, discount pricing often goes into affect through the first week of the new pay period.

Timing your buying window can potentially save on temporary pricing. Additionally, some grocery stores do big sales on food around specific holidays and events. These are the time to stock up on those foods, especially if you have a freezer.

Use a Travel Points Credit Card

Home groceries are one of the largest expenses in a home budget. If you plan on making all your purchases on the same credit card that is part of a travel point program, you could end up building a significant amount of travel points for a free or very discounted vacation every summer.

Southwest Airlines has a very generous program with Chase credit card for this kind of savings approach, which magnifies even more when coupled with paying all your monthly bills the same way.

The beauty, again, of all the above tips is that when it comes to saving on groceries, multiple methods can be used at the same time. This compounds your potential grocery store savings and begins to add up quickly.

One just has to be dedicated to following each program and maximizing the number of savings methods one can apply on the same grocery trip.


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