How to Create the Illusion of High Cheekbones With Makeup

How to Create the Illusion of High Cheekbones With Makeup-

In our society, we often equate the appearance of high cheekbones with youthfulness, femininity, and attractiveness. So there is no wonder why so many people are interested in learning special makeup techniques to help create this highly desirable look.

If you’ve noticed some of the hottest makeup trends worn by some of today’s hottest celebrities and online influencers, you may wonder how to create the illusion of high cheekbones using makeup.

Below are a few tips on creating the illusion of high cheekbones for excited makeup artists and amateur enthusiasts who want to take advantage of this timelessly beautiful makeup trend.

Determine the Best Makeup Looks for Your Face Shape

Did you know there are four primary face shapes and that choosing the wrong makeup for your face shape can ruin even the most expensive Hollywood-glam makeup jobs?

This is why determining your face shape before you apply your high cheekbone look is essential.

It is easy to figure out your face shape by taking a few minutes to examine key features of your face in the mirror.

Step #1. – Secure your hair back from your face with a ponytail holder or similar hair accessory.

Step #2. – Take note of the width, length, and shape of your jawline, forehead, and chin.

Step #3. – Identify your face shape from one of the four primary face shape groups below.

Once you’ve successfully identified your face shape, you can move on to creating your faux high-cheekbone look!

4 Primary Face Shapes

While there are a wide variety of facial shapes found among people, the four examples below are some of the most common.

Round: People with round face shapes tend to have full cheeks and foreheads with a soft jawline.

Oval – Oval faces have gently curved jawlines and foreheads that appear slightly wider than your chin.

Square – We consider square face shapes as “strong.” Square faces are characterized by sharp or angular jawlines about the same width as your jaw.

Heart-Shaped – People with heart-shaped faces have wider foreheads that taper down to a slender chin and resemble the shape of a heart.

Click here to learn more about the different types of face shapes and tricks for finding your face shape.

How to Create the Illusion of High Cheekbones with Makeup

Gather your favorite makeup tools to create the illusion of high cheekbones with makeup.

You will need some or all of the following to complete your look:

  • Contour Brush
  • Blush Brush
  • Highlighter Brush
  • Bronzer
  • Makeup Sponge
  • Setting Spray

Create Your Faux High Cheekbone Look by Applying Foundation 

Beauty experts say you should apply a natural-looking foundation close to your skin tone.

Create the Illusion of High Cheekbones by Contouring Your Cheeks 

Begin contouring your cheeks using makeup shades slightly lighter than your normal skin tone. Dab a shade darker into the hollow areas on your cheeks and then blend.

Achieve the Look of More Defined Cheekbones with Strategic Blush Placement 

Break out your favorite makeup brushes and use bronzer underneath your cheekbones to create a well-defined high cheekbone look.

Create the Appearance of Sculpted Cheeks. Use Highlighting Techniques

Going the extra mile to use highlighting techniques is the finishing touch and the icing on the cake of your high cheekbone look. Apply your chosen highlighter shade at the top of your cheekbones, then blend with your finger for maximum brightness.

Expert Makeup Tip: Complement high cheekbones by applying highlighting techniques on the bridge of your nose to give your entire face a glowing look.

Practice Makes Perfect Cheekbones!

When it comes to the illusion of perfecting the art of creating high cheekbones with makeup, like anything else, practice is vital.

The more you practice creating your high cheekbone look, the faster and easier it will be for you to apply this sultry and beautiful makeup technique.

Want to learn more about how to tell if you have high cheekbones and how to perfect the art of creating one of the world’s most timeless beauty trends?

Read this post on how to fake cheekbones by the makeup expert and advice columnists at L’Oreal Paris.



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