Get Rid of Your Flabby Arms with These Simple Exercises

flabby arms exercises

While none of us will ever be able to reverse aging short of a time machine, there are some things that one can do to reduce the flabby arm effect. In a nutshell, the flabby arm is a result of time as well as fat buildup, both being factors that happen to folks frequently as they get older.

Time causes our skin to age, and that deterioration makes it harder for our skin to retain form. However, the factor that causes more problems involves having too much fat in our system, which tends to accumulate under our arm backsides as well as other places.

So, while we can’t stop the biological clock, some well-targeted exercises can create bulk which does tighten up what the arm skin surrounds. The goal is to actively exercise the bicep and tricep muscle group, so that bulk is developed on both sides of the arm.

Tricep Dips

These are easy and provide a direct workout to the back of the arm. Essentially, it’s a reverse pushup where you place your hands on a stationary edge, stick your legs out straight in front, and lower yourself slowly.

Then you rise and do it again. The workout is intense and will build up the triceps using your own body weight as the resistance.


The two groups of muscle working here are the chest and triceps. The chest will be the primary going down, but it’s the tricep muscles that power going back up in a pushup.

Again, doing these regularly are going to increase bulk on that back arm area very quickly, and again it’s using your own body weight as resistance.

Bicep Lifts

This is the standard dumbbell lift in a standing position. While the bicep is carrying the weight up, the triceps will also be worked to slow the descent and control of the weight.

It ends up working both sides of the arm done repetitively. Aim for higher weight and intense short workouts versus many lighter lifts.

Tricep Extensions

This involves using a dumbbell, holding it with both hands over your head, and letting the dumbbell bend backwards behind your head.

As you pull it forward and your arms straight up again, the workout is on the triceps to pull the weight. Your shoulders are also worked to stabilize the weight over your head.

Tricep Kickbacks

Bending the knees and leaning forward, a person holds two dumbbells aiming backwards, one in each hand. The arms are then extended and retracted slowly in repetitions.

Because it is the triceps muscles carrying most of the weight and controlling movement, this will produce a very hard workout on that muscle group.

Arm Stretches Behind Your Head

Toning can be done by both applying weight resistance as well as with stretching. In both the muscle is realizing tiny tearing, which in turn increases muscle mass as it repairs.

Arm stretches behind the head involves using one hand to grab the wrist of the other arm and pull it sideways behind the head. This will cause the entire arm pulled to stretch, mostly felt in the tricep area. That in turn increases toning when done regularly.


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