6 Simple Steps to Losing Water Weight Easily

6 Simple Steps to Lose Water Weight Easily

Did you know that water makes up 50 to 60 percent of an adult’s body weight? Extra weight that is being held in the body is known by the name of “water weight.”

In a single day, your weight can fluctuate by as much as 2-4 pounds, just depending on how much water you may be carrying around.

Extra water weight can cause bloating in the abdomen and puffiness in the arms for example. However, there is good news. There are simple ways that you can rid yourself of extra water. Let’s take a look at a few easy ways to tackle unwanted water weight.

Reduce How Much Salt You Are Consuming

Are you a fan of pretzels, popcorn, and chips? Eating too much sodium can cause you to immediately retain extra water. This is because the body needs to maintain its water to sodium ratio balanced in order to function as it should. This makes it hold onto the water in your body when you eat those yummy salty snacks.

Instead of grabbing processed foods that are likely high in sodium, reach for natural foods such as veggies, nuts and seeds, which contain very little.

Even better, some foods such as bananas, avocados and leafy vegetables have the ability to reduce your sodium levels.

Increase How Much Water You are Drinking

Does this seem counterintuitive? Fair enough. However, the truth is that drinking more water will help you lose water weight. Here is the reason why.

If your body becomes dehydrated, it will do whatever it has to do in order to keep the water it already has. This means your body won’t want to let go of that extra water hanging around in your tummy area.

In addition to this, when you drink enough water, it flushes out your kidneys, which allows excess water and sodium to be flushed away as well. Drinking 2 liters of water a day is a good start.

Cut the Carbs

It turns out that carbohydrates are also the cause of your body hanging on to extra water. Here is why. When we eat carbs, unused energy is stored as a glycogen molecule.

Each glycogen molecule comes 3 grams of water attached to it. When you cut down on carbs, glycogen stores are reduced, and in turn, so is water weight.

Next time you want to reach for bread, rice or pasta, think twice. Replacing these foods with high-protein foods such as lean meats, eggs or soy can stop water weight from becoming a problem for you.

Consider Supplementation

There are two supplements that have been shown to help reduce water weight: Vitamin B6 and magnesium oxide.

They work together to help the kidneys flush extra water and sodium out of your body. Some studies suggest that when taken together, they work effectively at relieving bloating that commonly happens to women during PMS.

Sweat It Out

It should be no surprise that a good workout has the ability to get rid of some water weight. Your body is sweating out extra water, after all. After a workout, you lose some amount of extra water immediately.

In addition to this, during exercise, circulation is improved and blood flow is stimulated, which can stop water from building up particularly in the legs and feet.

Talk to Your Doctor About Water Pills

Not intended for everyday use, water pills can be a very helpful way to rid your body of extra water weight. Many women use water pills around the time of their period.

They work as a diuretic, meaning that they stimulate urination. Urinating more frequently means that your body is able to get rid of excess water and sodium that it may be holding onto.


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