On Fitness

On Fitness and Fat Loss

        I am still in college playing volleyball, which takes up a significant amount of my time, both physically and mentally. I end up doing a lot of cardio by nature, but if anyone asked me what my number one piece of advice would be, I would tell them to lift weights.  I know that I always look forward to a good lifting session, but aside from the great post-workout feeling, strength training provides so many benefits including increased muscle tone, metabolism, and calorie burning (if that is what you are shooting for). It is, however important to make sure that you lift properly with the right technique, because along with any other activity comes a risk of injury. When I do get a little bit of freedom, I like to alternate weights with CrossFit-type workouts,  and high intensity intervals such as sprints and plyo circuits, because I believe that those are the most interesting and efficient ways to stay lean, happy and in shape. If you have any questions or would like to know what I do in more detail, please get in touch. I hope to be involved in fitness some way or another after I graduate from college, and I would love to get back into the sport of triathlon and possibly coaching as well. Good thing I still have some time to figure that out J


  1. I just have to comment on this. I just stumbled on your blog by googling a sweet potato recipe and was reading all your tabs and clicked this page to read. I'm from Morgan Hill and now live in Memphis. So anyway, my jaw dropped when I saw that cute little blonde, Alli Unger. I used to babysit her and her older sister!!!! Too funny. What a small world!

    1. No way, that it awesome...we played high school volleyball together!

  2. Games are really a interesting and useful part of maintaing healthy body fitness. I prefer mostly football for maintaining good body fitness and healthy mind as well. moreover volleyball is also a great games for good fitness. Its actually interesting and funny to play. Thanks for the post.

  3. Hi Gabi.
    You have shared a nice post here on the title On Fitness. Actually exercise and regular practice is must for good health. Hope your post will help a lot. Have a nice day. Thanks.

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