Friday, December 5, 2014

Healtheasy Workout Series #1

As I've promised, I want to give a little bit more insight into the kinds of workouts I've been doing since ending my organized sports's been a big transition for me that hasn't completely registered yet, but now that my thesis presentation is done and this crazy week is winding down, things are sinking in and I can finally turn my attention more fully to writing again. My goal is to work on maintaining strength, cardio shape, leaning out and toning, while staying efficient with my time. Check it out, try it, and share it...and please let me know what you think!

 Healtheasy Workout #1 
Speed and Resistance

  • Warm-Up Run
    • 1 mile
    • Increase speed from 7.5 to 8 to 8.5 to 9, building up to sprint finish
  • Treadmill Sprints 
    • Speed 9.5
    • 10 rounds aka 5 minutes of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off
    • Build on number of rounds moving forward
  • Back Squats
    • 4 sets of 10 
    • Weight progression by set from 45 lbs (the bar), to 50, to 55, stayed at 55 for last set
    • Generally stay on the lighter side for higher reps, but use bar or dumbells and work up/down in weight based on ability
  • RDL shrugs
    • 4 sets of 5 RDLs with a shrug at the end of each lift
    • 75 lbs 
  • Tuck jumps
    • 10 tuck jumps in between each set of Back Squats and RDLs
  • 10 minute abs
    • Including: 1 min plank, 1 minute side plank on each side
    • Russian twists with 12 lb weight
    • Toe touches w/ 12 lbs weight
    • Straight leg raises w/ weight behind head
    • Standing side bends with 25 lb weight
My disclaimer is this: I am no health professional, but operate on the assumption that I know what's best for my body. It is evident that what is best for my workout routine might not be best for yours, so listen to what your body tells you. While my goal is to push myself until I feel like throwing up or passing out, make sure you do not actually get that point. Rest when you're supposed to, work yourself when you're ready, and make sure you brush up on good lifting technique. Peace and blessins :) 

I also leave you with a roundup of some of my most recent Instagram posts that feature some Healtheasy snack/food ideas, in case you for some weird reason have failed to follow me up to this point ;) 

Roasted Squash and Red Cabbage
Roasted Squash and Red Cabbage
Greek Yogurt with Frozen Berries and Almond Butter
Greek Yogurt with Frozen Berries and Almond Butter
Roasted and Seasoned Vegetables with Cottage Cheese
Roasted and Seasoned Vegetables with Cottage Cheese
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