Friday, October 10, 2014

A New Approach to Healtheasy

I haven't had a lot of time lately to make new recipes- just kidding, I haven't made a lot of time. If I really wanted to, I could probably find a way, but I have been spread pretty thin and the motivation just hasn't been there.

But the more I think about my lack of new blog posts lately, the more I realize that the concept of Healtheasy applies to more than just food. From now on, I'll be sharing more of my thoughts on productivity, empowerment, positivity, and observations from my life that can help others assess their own and encourage taking action to make change. Beyond just recipes, that is what's been on my mind the most lately, so it's what I can offer to share in order to impact you in the best way.

I thought of this idea as I was procrastinating by getting ready for class instead of working on my thesis like I had set out to do this morning: You can't gain respect without taking action first. Because without work and results, you have no substance to show for your words. We strive to gain credibility and and admiration from those around us, but we can't expect this without first providing something valuable for others first. If you want others to regard you in a positive way, you have to act accordingly, and with consistency.

I always think back my triathlon coach when I was little on bike rides in the morning: If you're not going the extra mile, someone else out there is. You have to be willing to do what your competition isn't. And I can't think of a better concept that is relevant beyond athletics and into personal and professional life. Do what you want, and do it in a way that adds value that no one else can offer, whether that be by leveraging your kindness, drive, consistency, integrity, intensity, experience or time.

So get to work friends! I know I'm trying to.

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