Tuesday, July 9, 2013

On Starting and Catching Up

      I've wanted to have a blog for a while, mainly because I always think of something and then forget before I get a chance to write it down, or I would make food that tasted really good but would never record it. I've started a couple of times, and then would always get lazy or embarrassed or intimidated by the amount of work and the number of great, already established blogs. I decided for this to be my project for the summer and will try to stick to it, mainly because I think that I have a lot of good food to share and a different and useful approach to making it!
     I guess the takeaway from this is that if you want to do something badly enough, do not be like me and procrastinate on it! Get after what you like doing instead of just thinking about it, because then no one will benefit from it. I probably could have posted countless great posts, already, but instead of dwelling on that, my goal is to look ahead and make this blog as good as it can be.

I made an amazing impulse buy at the Rockyland Dollar store by my beautiful new but not really first apartment today:

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