Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lemon Pepper Chicken Medley (and first cauliflower "rice" attempt)


4 Chicken Breasts
Ground Pepper (lemon pepper if available)
5 tomatoes
3 green bell peppers
3 smaller onions or two medium,
two lemons
olive oil

Cube the chicken breasts, and in a bowl, squeeze two lemons onto chicken and add salt (~2 tsp) and pepper (grind it if possible). Set aside and let marinate. The longer the better. Meanwhile, start to chop vegetables. On a pan, start to sautee chopped onions with olive oil. Add chicken and cook until it is browned around the edges, and/or until excess water from the pan evaporates. Taste and grind more pepper onto pan if necessary. Mix in peppers, cook for about another 5 mins on medium heat, and then stir in tomatoes over low heat for about another 3. Serve over cauliflower (see below)

For Cauliflower:
Boil a head of cauliflower in salt water until it is still firm yet able to be smashed. smash with a fork until it literally falls apart. Then serve the mix over this new "rice" substitute/side. No additional flavoring necessary because of above mix

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